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Neutral+ or becoming Co2 neutral until 2024


The vision of Neutral + is to support FreshX GmbH and its employees (including the private households) to become CO2 neutral until end of 2024.

Further goals are, to create a maximum of transparency about the involved CO2 factors and to give more back to the world than we take (economy of the common good, biodiversity, conscious education, …).

The process divides into three phases to take into account the different developments of the participants:

Initial Phase

We describe the first phase as a deficiency phase, because in this phase each affected person consumes more than he or she gives back to the world (negative footprint). In this phase, all elements with a negative footprint are collected and compensated by appropriate compensatory measures until the involved persons no longer wants to create a negative footprint by themselves or do provide appropriate compensation out of their own wish.

Second phase

We describe the second phase as a fullness phase, because every affected person now has very specific self-driven projects providing the world with a positive footprint on all possible levels. Examples include projects that promote biodiversity (rather private), the economy of common goods and corporate social responsibility (business). FreshX GmbH sees itself as an active promoter of such projects by providing resources of all kinds (time, money, technology, …)


to make the project as transparent as possible to all involved parties as well as to all contact points of FreshX (such as suppliers, customers and partners) and also to document it via social media / blog. The aim of this phase is to create a maximum impact on others and in the best case even to find imitators and backers. For all parts of the project a lively and active participation is explicitly desired and we are open for discussion without reservation. The goal is to create a culture that trains itself to challenge itself and others relentlessly, fearlessly and proactively to make this world a better place again.

Nussloch, 22nd of December, 2019